"Galentine's Day" Jewelry-Making Workshop at Artist & Fleas, Brooklyn! February 03 2015

Laura will be hanging out with the girls this Valentine's Day! 2:30-3:30pm on 2/14/15, she'll be teaching a wire-wrap ring class! Learn to make a fabulous ring, and take instructions to keep you creating back at home. Stop by, say hello & sip some bubbly while making your own treasure! Sign Up Here! 

New! Welcome Tattly Designer Tattoos to Laura Liberation! December 14 2014

We are very excited to introduce Tattly-Designy Temporary Tattoos to our tribe! Our new section includes, killer designs, sets, metallic tattoos & even awesome greeting cards! Sooo...Peace out, Papyrus!  These are amazing for a rad night out, make great gifts, fun to play with the kids or just switch up your look without all that commitment.  All of the illustrations are created by Artisans, so they share in part of the profits...

#NOMOREWEEK March 17 2014

This week is the year anniversary of this now globally recognized symbol!  This week, say NO MORE! Stand up, Men & Women. Together can we end domestic violence & sexual assault.  ‪#‎NoMoreWeek‬  

Check Out All The Laura Lib Jewelry in the NEW Leah Laurenti Video "Backin' Down." March 06 2014

The beautiful, Leah Laurenti KILLED IT in the music video for her new single, "Backin' Down"! Check it out, she's rockin' TONS of our baubles in it. Get it girl!! Such an amazing song!...We've been singing it all day! "Guna take this time to do, things my own way....Noooo, Never backin' down."  ..... #musicislife

Moody Monday's...Dachshunds & Diamonds December 16 2013

Because what could be a better combionation? 

Wild Women Wednesday...My Idol, Bianca Jagger. December 11 2013

  As if I need to list the reasons, Queen of Studio 54. [x]  Rocked Headpieces Beyond Reproach [x] Married a Rolling Stone. [x]  Effortlessly Glamorous. [x]  Social & Human Rights Activist. [x]  Rode a White Horse into Her 30th Birthday Party. [x]   More 1970's realness in the amazing YouTube video below. 

Moody Monday's...Film Noir. December 09 2013

Tap into your glamorous & dark side with this mood board. 

Moody Monday's...Bundle Up & Get Cozy December 02 2013

A bunch of little things that make December on of the best months, ever. Please indulge in one of these sassy suggestions sooner, rather than later. xo, LL

Moody Monday's....Mermaid Edition November 18 2013

Mermaids...the seas unsung siren. Everyone has their own ideas of what running into one of these scale-tailed ladies might be like, I always pictured the interaction something like you would have with a wet unicorn. A magically, mind blowing adventure in the world of your dreams. Happy Monday. Let's all try to be a little more magical this week. xo, LL 

Wild Women Wednesday..We Love Us Some Lohan November 13 2013

Today we are extending a BIG thank you to Terry Richardson, Star Magazine circa '07 and Lilo herself, for this brilliant bank of provocatively, interesting images. We love you, girl. Keep on killin' it..just not Vanessa Minnillo. We don't think Nick Lachey could handle it.

Moody Monday's...Veterans Day November 11 2013

This collage, pays homage to all those Men & Women, past & present, who defend and serve us proudly, everyday!  Thank you for your dedication, may the universe look over you, as you see things no one should ever see and protect you during times, that you may need it.  If anyone is looking for a place to donate, Wounded Warrior Project is a brilliant organization helping Vets. xo, LL...

Tonight's Inspiration Brought To You By Lana Del Rey.. November 06 2013

  This song is ABSOLUTELY inspiring tonight's creations. Loves us some Lana.  Click the picture to listen. 

Moody Mondays...Diwali Style. November 04 2013

  Inspired by my beautiful Goddaughter, who got to celebrate her first Diwali this year. It's amazing to see the different cultures of her parents, fusing to create this one-of-a-kind, amazing, little girl. A little human, who is going to grow up to be absolutely unique and wonderful. How exciting it is! This moodboard mixes traditional and avant garde elements of Diwali which is the perfect note to this anecdote. ...

Moody Mondays...An American Girl In Paris October 21 2013

We know Mondays suck..that's why we're bring you a delightful depiction of the delicious core of the Big Apple, Carrie Bradshaw in her best Parisian looks. Très Chic, Le Sighhhh.

Table Talk Tuesdays...Because We're Too Good For Regular Chips. September 03 2013

Sea Salt. Sweet potato. Nough' said. We are total suckers for a good salty snack, so these chips got a shot.  We did some investigating and by adding a little chilli and cumin you can kick up the flavor, try it out to taste.  Great if guests call on the fly & tell you they're popping over, because these are pretty common ingredients. Now just crack open a bottle of wine and...

Moody Mondays...All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost. August 19 2013

Surf's Up In This FAB Dress! August 19 2013

Moody Mondays...What's Your Vessel? August 12 2013

...and how do you decorate it? How does it define you? How does it express who you are?  xx, LL

Snuggle Up Sundays: Edition #1 August 11 2013

Snuggle up with your lover, or best friend and read this poem while drinking coffee. Sometimes on a cozy Sunday, you need to just slow shit down.  Frank O'Hara died in 1966 on the beach in one of my favorite places in the world, Fire Island. O'Hara's writing "sought to capture his feeling that poetry should be "between two persons instead of two pages."  or so says the American Council of...

Bridal Idol Edition #1 August 11 2013

  Let's drool over all things wedding one day a week because, why the hell not? We know you're secretly doing it on Pinterest late-night anyway. We will look at boho weddings, flashy weddings, gay weddings, straight weddings, over the top weddings- just whatever we feel like. #cuzthatshowweroll Today the highlights on J' Aton Couture. Established in the AU by Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino. Some of the most jaw dropping, tear...

Table Talk Tuesdays.. August 06 2013

Tuesdays are the perfect night to stay in & cook, it's a way to zen out during a stressful week.There are some really fun foodie-isms I have picked up from my friends & their amazing palettes. I utilized their sources and inspirations all the time to make the time I spend dining more interesting. *Note I said interesting, not complicated as I'm not very culinary inclined, even though I try. Food...

Feeling Moody... August 05 2013

Gotta Rock the Fox July 30 2013

The anticipation is building... I can't wait to rock ALL things Wildfox Fall 2013.  The White Label, Electric Daisy Collection seems to be a play on both the colorful, festival and a modern day interpretation of Daisy from the Great Gatsby. It's who Daisy would be, if she were alive today. In my opinion, which nobody asked for- I think this is the best Wildfox collection to date. They always...

Welcome to The Liberation June 03 2013

liberation: Noun S: (n) liberation, release, freeing We want to bejewel the luxe bohemian goddesses, the modern hippies, exciting crowd who love to shake things up, shine and enjoy life. All of our stones are ethically sourced, and our pieces are handcrafted with love & zen in New York City.