New! Welcome Tattly Designer Tattoos to Laura Liberation! December 14 2014

We are very excited to introduce Tattly-Designy Temporary Tattoos to our tribe!

Our new section includes, killer designs, sets, metallic tattoos & even awesome greeting cards! Sooo...Peace out, Papyrus! 

These are amazing for a rad night out, make great gifts, fun to play with the kids or just switch up your look without all that commitment. 

All of the illustrations are created by Artisans, so they share in part of the profits from every sale! Artisans, helping Artisans. Yay!!!

Every Tattly temporary tattoo is 100% safe & non-toxic! Most are even made with a vegetable base ink. 

Easy to apply! Styles last between 2-4 weeks, but if you want to remove your tat sooner, simply lift with some tape or baby oil. Video below. 

It's Only Temporary from Tattly Tattoos on Vimeo.

Show them off on any social media tag #LibbysLoveTattly & #Tattly to show off your sick style to the world! Below are some shots people have already shared!