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Bridal Idol Edition #1

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Let's drool over all things wedding one day a week because, why the hell not? We know you're secretly doing it on Pinterest late-night anyway. We will look at boho weddings, flashy weddings, gay weddings, straight weddings, over the top weddings- just whatever we feel like. #cuzthatshowweroll

Today the highlights on J' Aton Couture. Established in the AU by Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino. Some of the most jaw dropping, tear inducing fashion that would make even the biggest cynic start planning her faux dream wedding. 

Here's a shot of one of my favorite styles. Be sure to check out these amazing couturiers and slap these dresses on that secret Pinterest board you don't have.

Check out this amazing J'Aton Tumblr!!

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