Tattly-Designer Temporary Tattoos

This is an assortment of individual tattoos, sets & even greeting cards straight from Tattly! 

They feature the hottest designs in temporary tattoos including metallic, gold foil styles! 

Each of these styles is created by an Artisan and they receive in part of the profits.

Artisans, helping Artisans. What a wonderful, bohemian dream. 

  • Individual pieces include two tattoos in each package. 
  • Sets differ depending on the style. There are always 8 individual tattoos in a package; sometimes they are all different & other sets include multiples of the same design. 
  • Tattly cards, feature their Designer illustrations on the front & come complete, with one matching tattoo inside! Perfect for any celebrations, love notes or special events! 

These designs typically last 2-4 weeks and are completely safe, non-toxic (most are made with vegetable based ink!)

If for some reason you want them off before then, no sweat! Below is a short video about removing Tattly Temporary Tattoos from their expert!

Simply, use tape or baby oil and their gone!