Patsy Bracelet Set


This bracelet set features three bracelets. Black wooden beads, (1) features six pieces of polished coral, (2) features one piece of polished coral and silver plated beads and (3) features 7 pieces of cut Amazonite. They all come together for a beautiful burst of colors against the black beads. 

Coral has been known to expedite and accelerate the transfer of knowledge. Amazonite balances the masculine and feminine energies and also helps to see both sides of a problem or different points of view, all these energies coming together could lead the wearer to more intellectual awakening and centering. 


Bracelet Size Chart

XS = 6 1/2 inches

= 7 inches

M = 7 1/2 inches

L = 8 inches

XL = 8 1/2 inches

XXL = 9 inches 


*Sizing applicable for both women & men.  

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